Guaranteed passive income. Say what?

3 min readDec 14, 2020


There are many angles you can approach crypto these days, from your traditional buying and hodling of your favorite digital asset to being a day or macro trader.

Another earning avenue which has become increasingly popular is passive income via staking or providing liquidity to projects.I will be focusing on staking and in particular Coti Network staking.

So lets talk about staking. Once you delve deep and look at the various staking offers out there, for the learned, it becomes very apparent that the vast majority are ponzis. Why do I say that you may ask? Well, the staking rewards come from minting of new tokens which increases the supply and in turn decreases the value of your staked token.

The only model that works, is if you are rewarded from actual revenue earned by the company which in turn is distributed to stakers. I think many many investors will be quite shocked how few companies in crypto actually make real revenue and not just ‘claims’ that they do, when in fact nearly all derive income from selling their own token. Very scary actually and I implore you to be very weary of companies that ‘earn’ on this model.

That brings me to the centerpiece of this article, COTI. COTI is processing in excess of $10m monthly onchain and that is increasing month to month with the major onboarding of clients that have been signing up en masse. It is a very exciting space that COTI is targeting which is what traditional payment processors deem as ‘high risk’ but is an extremely lucrative market. These targeted merchants are Casinos, online gaming groups and sports betting which are paying exorbitant fees and by them switching to COTI, they are literally saving a small fortune on fees. Just recently, COTI signed Dafabet with annual revenue exceeding $1billion

I am a numbers man, so without further ado, lets talk about what you can earn if you are lucky enough to be selected as a node or a staker on the COTI Network. I like to refer being selected as being like finding the golden ticket to go to Willy Wonka’s factory

Coti’s ever increasing monthly revenue affords them the opportunity to offer nodes and stakers alike, guaranteed minimum monthly staking earnings.

Here is a breakdown of the staking slots and their relevant annual APR %

This earning model will be based on the current price of $0.055 , $0.10 , $0.25 , $0.50 and $1 .

500k COTI staked — Guaranteed APR of 30%

This equates to 12,500 COTI per month

$0.055 — $687,50 per month

$0.10 — $1250 per month

$0.25 — $3125 per month

$0.50 — $6250 per month

$1 — $12,500 per month

150k COTI staked — Guaranteed APR of 25%

This equates to 3125 COTI per month

$0.055 — $171,87 per month

$0.10 — $312,50 per month

$0.25 — $781,25 per month

$0.50 — $1562,50 per month

$1 — $3125 per month

15k COTI staked — Guaranteed APR of 20%

This equates to 250 COTI per month

$0.055 — $13,75 per month

$0.10 — $25 per month

$0.25 — $62,50 per month

$0.50 — $125 per month

$1 — $250 per month

All of the above is the guaranteed minimum and as processing volume increases so does your reward. The rewards in the future will be substantially more as you stake and grow with the COTI network

Happy staking




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